$13 DIY centerpiece lanterns!

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Flowers are what makes the centerpieces look beautiful... but flowers are the expensive part! If you have a centerpiece that not only takes up space, but also creates height and dimension for the table - it's a win - win!

DIY $13 Lantern

Renting vs. Buying

This is a personal decision - but there are things to weigh in here!

Typically renting items for a lantern - it's approximately $5-$30 per lantern depending on the rental company and the size. Most of the time - if you break the item - you lose the deposit, or they charge you the "total" replacement value of that item (which is EXTREMELY marked up). So care is key. And I don't know about your wedding - but mine had alcohol... lot's of it. And have I ever mentioned Harrison was in a fraternity, and I was a college athlete? Our friends know how to party. Taking on that liability... for 1 night with an item was too much stress for me!

Plus - we were on a budget! I hated knowing that I would be paying hundreds of dollars for an item for 1 night! So Harrison and I decided to set out to see how cheaply we could make the PERFECT item for us!

"Find the shape/size of the perfect item - not the color or texture!"

This part was actually hard - its always hard to see past the "ugly" color - and see what it could be in the end (especially for men - who don't have the vision) So we focused on size!

Harrison and I scoured Old Time Pottery, Hobby Lobby, and other discount places for lanterns that were the right size. This process took a couple of trips and seasons to find the right lanterns... Once we found them... we waiting until they went on sale. Typically Hobby Lobby cycles their sales - so if its not on sale that week... it will be within the next month. NEVER buy things full price!

We ended up getting these lanterns for $9.99 each! They were UGLLLLYYY - but the perfect size | the glass was easily removed (for us to change the texture and color) | and the top was open for us to actually light candles on the inside!

We removed all the glass - We purchased a Rustoleum Silver metallic spray paint in bulk online for about $5 a bottle. Each bottle finished 2 lanterns!

Overall - we LOVED how they turned out! Plus - if they broke, it didn't matter! We still SAVED money - making them ourselves!

What we didn't think about was -

These lanterns have been used by friends and family at least 3 times since our wedding 2 years ago! AND Harrison's cousin is using them for her wedding this Spring! We easily could have charged someone to use them - or sold them and made a profit! But honestly - we love having little reminders of our wedding in our decor around our house! We also love being able to help others save money buy using them! Here are some more photos of the lanterns at the wedding for our decor!

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