5 Tips for Flowers on a budget!!

5 Tips for getting the flowers you want - for the price you need!

1. Pick Flowers that are in Season!

This is huge! It is extremely important and cost saving to select flowers that are in season during your wedding date. You can get all flowers... all year... but it comes at a cost! If you HAVE to have a particular flower - pick your date around the flower season. Here's a great chart to get you started!

For me - I wanted Dahlias. Which were NOT in season during my wedding. So I ONLY had them in my bouquet and my husbands boutonnière. Very manageable for us. The remaining flowers were all in season (almost year round) Hydrangeas, astilbe and garden roses. Picking in had them in my bouquet and my husbands boutonnière. Very manageable for us. The remaining flowers were all in season (almost year round) Hydrangeas, astilbe and garden roses. Picking in season flowers is an EASY way to save money!

2. Select a venue that is beautiful on its own!

This is very important to save money in MANY different aspects of your wedding, not only flowers! If you spend more upfront on a prettier venue - you will save the money in rentals, decorations, and flowers. Our venue had beautiful chandeliers, fountains, gardens, etc. So we only really needed table decorations - which we reused the 2 ceremony flowers on the tables - switched during the cocktail hour! We will get into that in tip #5! For the ceremony - the only costs we had were the columns, vases, 2 flower arrangements (reused) and drapery! All in all - decor was under $300 for the ceremony site!

3. Find a Flower Arranger/not a florist!

This is key! Florists come at a pretty penny, and are often difficult to book for your dates! This is gonna take a full day, but well worth the cost!

  • Go to all your local grocery stores and check out their floral department. Look into their mixed arrangements and find the best one!

  • Once you find the one you like best - ask who you can speak to about the arrangements.

  • Ask them if they would work outside of the chain to arrange your flowers.

For us - ours was the Kroger in Murfreesboro! She was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! She had done a couple of local baby showers, and had examples of her work and we lucked out! She was able to get the specialty flowers through her vendor that Kroger uses - and I ordered the rest, read on to tip #4.

4. Buy main basic flowers in bulk on discount sites & fillers from your yard!

As mentioned - our hydrangeas, spider mums, roses, were all purchased in bulk from Sams and delivered right to our "arrangers" house. If you don't have a Sams membership - find a friend that does - and log in. Its really that simple! You do need to order far in advance, and order slightly more than you need in case some get damaged in shipping! But the savings way out weights the additional cost.

The magnolia fillers, we got from my parents giant magnolia tree in their yard... AKA FREE!! If you don't have magnolias in your yard, ask around! If you're in the south - someone is bound to have a tree that could spare a couple branches!

The only flowers our arranger had to buy from her florist was the dahlias, snapdragons, and astilbe, which was minimal!

5. Transition your flowers from one area to the next!

This one is hard if you are having the reception in the same place as the cocktail hour... but definitely workable!

Our Ceremony flowers - were picked up and moved as two of our tall arrangements on our tables during the cocktail hour! You can have your wedding planner shift these over, or even ask and honorary bridal party member or family member to do this!

Then, after all photos - we had all the bridesmaids bouquets arranged underneath the lifted cake! This decorated the table even further and made the cake stand out! Unfortunately, I only have a photo of the cake before the flowers were added - but you can tell it is raised for this space!

Please comment if you have any more tips for saving $$$ on your flowers!

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