DIY Closet Makeover (Part 2)

Make sure to read Part 1 to plan and gather supplies for your closet!

1. Remove old shelving and brackets.

TBH, wire shelving sucks to remove! For us - there were 8 nails... per shelf! We watched this tutorial to learn how to remove the nails without the most damage. Once we did that, it was time to fill and sand the holes!

We used this white spackling, but I have to purchase the one that is pink when you put it on and it turns white when it's time to sand. If you know me, patience was not my gift so I literally need a sign for when I can sand.

It took almost 4 times patching and sanding each hole before they were flush and ready to be painted! You can see in the photo to the right - how many holes there were!

2. Time to Paint

What to paint first depends on your skill level. For me... it's top down. The real reason for this - is because again... I'm not patient, so I don't tape anything off. I am always covered in paint, and I often splatter paint everywhere from rolling too fast. So again, I paint the ceiling first. Then the drips that I dropped around the ceiling, I can fix when I paint the walls next. Then I can slightly paint on the top of the base boards... then do the detail work on the top of the baseboard. Since I can get really close to the baseboards, I've actually gotten pretty good at this one.

3. Install the Shelving

First, measure the entire back wall. We divided that in 3 equal parts (we were using 2 wall brackets). Then we shifted them slightly outward away from center point. We didn't want something heavy on the shelf near the side, to flip the other side up. Our wall was 33 3/4" - equal thirds was 11 1/4" - so our brackets were 10" from the outside walls. We then used the base boards to level the wall brackets and used a marker to mark through the holes.

Move the wall bracket to the side. Follow the instructions on the anchors you bought and install them on the marked holes.

Align the brackets back up with the holes with the anchors. Use screws to attach the brackets to the wall, into the anchor.

4. Add the shelves

Shelves were cut to size. The mdf is not an easy cut, so we had to slightly sand the edges. After that, we just dropped them on top of the shelf arms! The best part about the wall bracket is you can add and adjust as many shelves as you need.

5. Add the details!

This part is my favorite, DUH! This is where you get to add the baskets and books and whatever else you need to make your closet your own! I made labels with some construction paper, and twine!

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