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Fowler's Nursery - Safari Theme

Let me start out by saying before Harrison and I started trying to have a baby. I got him to agree that I could do whatever I wanted to the nursery AND he had to help me do it :)

This is the first room in the house that Harrison and I both agree, we LOVE. It turned out better than anything we could have imagined!

If you don't know Harrison and I well - it is an extreme rarity that we agree on when it comes to design in our home. If there is something that I want to do - and he doesn't like it... he won't help me do it. If you don't know me well enough... this never stops me from doing it. Thankfully, I have a great girlfriend group or mother that will come over and help me move items, or wallpaper ceilings (bad idea), or attempt to create what I am thinking.

Nursery themes for boys are hard.

They are either cars, trains, automobiles - baby safari animals - or woodland creatures. It's tough to stand out and look different! For us, we didn't want it the nursery to look "babyish". We needed to be able to use this room as a second guest bedroom. When Harrison's family comes to visit, this will be Ashton's room too. I wanted to create a sophisticated nursery that wouldn't make a guest feel like they were sleeping in a crib.

1. Changing Table Wall

I worked with a company on Etsy and manipulated their current wallpaper to add and shift animals and get exact measurements of the panels I wanted to create for the feature wall of the room (below was the last exchange before we finalized). Harrison and I had just completed wall picture frame molding in our master bedroom and we wanted to carry that into the nursery as "frames" for the wallpaper to make it look more like paintings.

Once we finally approved the wallpaper and it arrived, we used the wallpaper to determine the wall paint color (I knew I wanted green or blue). We painted the walls 3 different times until we found the right one... we can NEVER pick the right paint colors from swatches or small paint on the wall. It's a real struggle, y'all. We ended up with "Woody Rosemary" - Sherwin Williams. The changing table and topper is restoration hardware and we changed out the pulls from etsy to be safari animals to fit with our theme.

2. Bookcase Wall

This room needed to have multi-functions. We needed it to be a nursery, guest bedroom, and Fowler's playroom. I am a neat freak and have been warned that toys will be everywhere... in every room. In my attempt to limit this - I wanted to create a large open space for him to play and spread out all his toys, in his room. I needed to save space and use less furniture in the room, but also figure out a way to utilize any dead spaces {insert bookcase wall here} we have 3 doors on 1 wall (bathroom, closet, and entry from hall)... making the wall completely useless (or so you would think).

Reading will be a big part of our bedtime routine, and bookcases can be large and bulky. I found inspiration from a bookstore on Pinterest and forced Harrison to help me build custom bookcases between each of the doors. They are only 4" deep and take up almost NO additional space and house TONS of books!

I looked at Harrison and said... "would you have wanted to climb that?" He said, "Oh, absolutely"... so we permanently built the bookcases into the frames of the doors and studs in the wall so it can't fall on Fowler when he has the same "boy brilliant" idea.

These books are so meaningful to us - as almost all of them were gifts from family and friends and have beautiful messages written to Fowler inside.

3. Daybed Wall

This wall was a labor of mistakes, $ lost on wood prices due to COVID, and stress! But in the end, we love how it turned out!

As mentioned, we needed this to function as a second guest bedroom for Harrison's sister and other guests. We ordered this trundle day bed from Wayfair. The pillows from Etsy here. The duvet is from Ballard Designs and we got a duogram made F & R for Fowler Riggs here.

I created the Bible verse in illustrator and sent to an Esty shop to be made and created to our custom measurements and they stained it as close as possible to our changing table! Love shopping "local"!

The hashtag pattern on the top portion of the wall, I painted by hand using the Woody Rosemary paint color to look like wallpaper, and the half wall was also painted in the same color. The white-ish background color is the same color as the bookcases and the frames around the wallpaper and it is Benjamin Moore Vanilla Milkshake. The fiddle leaf fig in the corner was a Facebook Marketplace find locally. The marble table next to the bed was at the Ballard Design outlet.

4. Crib Wall

We didn't do much here, PHEW! We kept the same window treatments we had before in our guest bedroom, so that saved us some money! The crib is restoration hardware but we purchased it from Facebook Marketplace for a STEAL. Mixed woods is in (although Harrison hates they don't "match"), it is the same suite furniture pattern as the changing table... just a different color. It saved us over $1000 to get it from marketplace. Eventually - the rocking chair will be in that left corner under the monkey light (but its in our master bedroom right now).

The mobile is PERFECT and we ordered that from Etsy also! We absolutely love it.

For Fowler's custom sign - we worked with an old colleague of mine that now has a side business doing woodwork! @crescentmoonstudioco She absolutely CRUSHED it! The colors are our custom colors - and she stained to match the crib!

She even created a small channel on the backside to hide the cord of the baby monitor so it would sit flush with the wall Fowler wouldn't be able to pull it down on himself! I've never been more excited to receive a package in my life! I think it completed the nursery!

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