Furnish your house in Nashville on a Budget!

1. Sara Sells

If you are visiting Nashville - this might not be the shopping spot for you. This is a once a month warehouse sale that is AMAZING. Restoration Hardware look + quality furniture at a wholesale price. Mostly linens, neutral pallets furniture, in a farmhouse style. As this sale continues to gather more of a following, Sara has been able to venture into more "adventurous styles" such as grey velvet chairs and outdoor furniture. She also has started to have a larger accessories section. Most of the furniture (if not all) is goose-down, and extremely comfortable. Kitchen tables are all first come first serve and all seem to be hand crafted real wood tables. This is also a great spot for large rugs at a great price.

Seriously - the BEST sale in town. Half of the furniture in my house is from here! Each sale just gets better and better!

The only negative (if you can call it that) is the line. It forms early in the morning, well before the sale begins. However, Sara has done such a great job ensuring there is a breakfast food truck with coffee serving the customers before the sale opens. Also - first come first serve. On some items, they have additional units in the back - or can special order it for you. You just have to ask a Sara Sells associate!

2. Southeastern Salvage

This place is HUGE! This is a great location for wall decor, accessories, and furniture! They also have overstocked building materials. So if your home furnishing includes tiling, hardwood floors, laminate countertops, or bathroom vanities... this is your place. They have random assortments of furniture, you can't always go in expecting to find a bookcase - but you can always find an array of couches, chairs, mirrors, and rugs.

If you are really on a budget - I would suggest going every 3 weeks to see what new shipments they have in. You can't go in with something in particular in mind - and you can't order more quantities. What they have out... is what they have. But it is dirt cheap. DIRT CHEAP! Now - to be fair... this place can have some tacky items. I'm not saying this place is QUALITY. You can find nice pieces, and great wall art. But you will have to dig.

3. Nadeau

"Nadeau was founded on the idea that great furniture should be attainable by everyone." The owner finds beautiful, handmade, solid wood furniture by artisans as he travels the world. There are over 40 locations of this store now - but it is a small store front with great prices, and even better furniture. You can only find wood furniture here, so its a great place to find bookcases, tables, cabinets, sideboards, and chairs.

This is another store you have to go to about every 3 weeks. There is no consistency in product in what you will find. I find I either love and want to buy everything in there, or hate everything. It just depends on the inventory and region in the world they are sourcing from at that time. So don't get discouraged if you don't find anything on your first trip.

4. At Home

This Big Box Retailer is popping up everywhere. There is going to be a new one in Mt. Juliet this year also. If you need something specific, quickly. Go here. First - it's huge and they keep this place oddly clean, and amazingly organized. They have everything organized by type, all the chairs are together, then organized by color. This is a consistent store for accessories, and furniture accessories.

Forewarning: the downfall for this store would be quality. You get what you pay for. I wouldn't say the furniture you buy here is for life. Typically, they carry current furniture trends at reasonable prices. So if you want something to be on the current trend, but change with the next trend... this is perfect. If you want to buy that item 1 time and move from home to home multiple times - this is not the place for you. I would suggest Sara Sells for those items.

5. Homegoods

Look - I know everyone loves TJMaxx but the Homegoods in Brentwood is another level. I assume because the people in the surrounding area are wealthier, they tend to have a higher price point and higher quality items in this Homegoods. For example - I bought intaglios for my house here for $199 - retail about $450. The Homegoods in Mt. Juliet can't really sell items that are $199.

This Homegoods is PACKED - so be prepared any day, any time to wait in a full complete line that is wrapping around. They have at least 4 people at all times restocking shelves, and there are items EVERYWHERE. Honestly - sometimes this place is nerve racking as things are falling and breaking around all aisles. It gets claustrophobic. But if you can stick it out - they have some amazing items. The furniture is bigger, better quality as well as the pots and actual home goods. There is a larger selection of pillows, lamps, mirrors, wall art, and storage items than any other Homegoods I've seen before. I try to go to this Homegoods just about every 2 weeks.

My husband would definitely agree, I've never walked out empty handed!

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