If lost...return to Ibiza.

Seriously - best. place. in Spain. If you are going anywhere near Spain... go to Ibiza.


First - the flight to Ibiza from Valencia was $14... round trip on Ryanair! It is an island - so flight is your only option! It was a large plane - 6 across, and it was as short ride (45 minutes). I advise renting a car... before you arrive. The last car available for rental when we got there was a Mini Coop Convertible. But, it was absolutely PERFECT!

View from our bed!


The hotel we stayed at was absolutely lovely. We stayed at the Sol Beach House Ibiza. It had some bad reviews - but I assure you... it was beautiful and clean. We had ocean views, which made the room slightly more expensive - but it was worth it. We slept with the doors open, and it almost seemed as if we were on a boat! And the breakfast was included, expansive and delicious!

There are many places to stay in Ibiza, at all price points. But I recommend to at least get a hotel on the water. We would have been equally happy spending the day at the infinity pool on the cliff at the water.


Most amazing food! We went to a "public" beach to spend the day. We scouted out about 5 different beaches before finally landing on AMANTE, SOL DEN SERRA. We found it was much quieter and less crowded. It had beautiful views, and a wonderfully rated restaurant! Plus, I wanted a fruity drink while I laid out! It was $25 per chair for the entire day. They gave you towels, and beach side service. Even if you don't want to lay out here - I highly recommend eating lunch here. I am telling you - I'm not sure what they gave the cows they made my burger with... but it was literally HEAVENLY (cue choirs of angels singing). We washed them down with a mango, coconut milk, sorbet which was also refreshing and completely worth it! YOU MUST GET THE BURGER! No exceptions!

For dinner, we lucked out on an amazing family owned restaurant LA CASITA. It wasn't easy to get to, but the food was amazing. Homemade pastas, huge portions (especially the steak tartar), and wonderfully fresh seafood! I am confident you can't go wrong with any dish here. All the food at the tables surrounding ours, looked divine! Highly recommend this restaurant!


This is one thing we didn't do. This place is known for its crazy parties and intense nightlife. Famous DJs often are here to spin at club openings. You can always find a wonderful nightlife scene here for dancing and drinking. We just wanted to use this trip as a time to relax!

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