Laundry Room make-over that WON'T break the bank!

Let's make laundry fun again! ;)

I'll be honest - I truly LOVE being in/seeing my laundry room! It is perfectly functional for our family and it had to be "pretty" because it is literally RIGHT off of our kitchen. You can see it from almost any room downstairs! Women out there... you know what that means... it always has to stay clean! Even if you shut the door - people mistake it for the pantry... and walk right in!!!

I can promise you will find more impressive, more beautiful, and more expensive laundry room make overs out there! And I will tell you where we COULD have spent more money, if you want to splurge. But you won't see a lot of ROI (return on investment) in a laundry room. So don't go overboard! Just make it nice enough for you to enjoy, and for someone interested in purchasing your home, excited!



We had 4 main functions our laundry room had to meet (outside of actually laundering our clothes)! Your family might be different! Whatever your laundry space needs to function as - make sure it isn't SO customized, that the next person has to tear down and restart!


1. Our laundry room had to function as a place to hang-dry clothes (I literally can't dry any of my pants and only half of my shirts). I'm 5'10" and standard clothes just aren't long enough to be able shrink after I buy them!

For this - we tore down the open shelving on the left side of the cabinets and added a hanging rod. Literally a $15 project from Lowes. They will cut the wood dowel rod to length for you there - and you can buy little wood pieces to set the rod into. We painted it with some white trim paint! Easy peasy!

Honestly for me - open shelving in a laundry room is wasted space anyways. That space always has to be manicured, and look cute and fully stocked. Detergents are messy, spill and drip, and store bought spray bottles look ugly - so having to switch them into cute containers every two weeks... I'm just not about that life.

I tried to be - as you can see with the detergent dispenser - but that ended quickly and hasn't been used!

But if you are! More power to you!

I DO suggest baskets to organize - keeps it easy for you to grab bottles from the back etc. by just sliding out the basket, instead of moving everything you have to find something! Thank you TJ MAXX!


B. Dog Room (store food, treats, meds, leashes, etc).

We added a REAL WOOD - look guys... this is key - let me repeat - REAL WOOD basic cabinet from Lowes. Do NOT, under any circumstance get the MDF already painted cabinets for base cabinets in a laundry room! I get it... its much prettier... you don't have to paint, yada yada... you can come up with 100 reasons why YOUR situation is different. I promise you... it isn't.

MDF swells. If it gets wet... AT ALL... it will swell... and you will have to tear it all out and start again.

Just last week - I cleaned out my filter in my washing machine - didn't tighten the cap down all the way - and put on a cycle and water came out everywhere on the floor! I was even sitting right there, to make sure it would run okay - but it was so fast and the water in the line had already built up... there was no stopping it! That day - our cabinet would have been ruined! And my husband would have killed me!

This is similar to the cabinet we bought - but we wanted two drawers. I believe ours was $115. Again we painted it with the white trim paint and added silver pulls.


C. Place to fold clothes - Duh! I fold my clothes directly from a hot dryer! Piece by piece! I do not have a portable laundry basket for them to sit in for weeks! This is my trick! Whenever I am ready to fold - I literally turn on the dryer for 3-5 minutes - heat the clothes to loosen the wrinkles - then fold piece by piece! We NEVER have clean clothes that are gathering wrinkles - they are either in the dryer - or in their homes!

For this - we bought a cheap slab of maple butcher block from Lumber Liquidators. Ours was about $199... these have gone up in prices but you can find them many different places. Harrison wanted to spend more to get the Acaia Wood... or whatever... but truly... why? I needed a space to fold clothes. That would have been an additional $500... for what? We conditioned, stained (special Walnut), then sealed our slab (polyurethane). Note: make sure you check the slab for any divits or holes before you take it home. Wood filler doesn't take stain the same - so we have some "purple" spaces where we had to fill in and it took the dye oddly.


D. Place to store miscellaneous items & our schedule and upcoming events!

The right side of our cabinet is for our cleaning rags, travel supplies, and other misc. items! This doesn't look as clean - well they are rags. But there are doors... so it's all neatly hidden away! We keep our travel supplies here as well in a grey bin so that we don't have to keep buying new ones - or misplace them. This would include international plugs, travel toilet paper, meds, travel wash supples, etc.

We also added a cork board to the back side of the laundry room. We post wedding invitations, save the dates, anything that is upcoming! As well as our yearly calendar to remember birthdays, special occasions, announcements and mark off any big trips! This board can get kind of messy - so we strategically placed it so you can't see in unless you are inside the laundry room! We make our calendar from Shutterfly!


If you've read any of our other posts - you will note that the Riggs are NOT handy. We hung the clothing rack, and that is about it. We hired a local carpenter to set in the cabinet and build the frame around the washer and dryer. He also cut the countertop to size. This cost us $250. Cheap! He used hardly any wood, and it took him probably about an hour!



Obviously - my favorite part!

We painted the room a light grey - Agreeable Grey from Sherwin Williams. We then painted all of the trim again so it looked fresh and clean! We thought about replacing the tile - but again - not worth the ROI. It's a laundry room - keep telling yourself this!

The decor is important. You don't want too many items to clutter your space so you have to move it each time you use the counters.


The dog treat canisters I got at TJMaxx, and the stickers at Walmart! The dog frame "I work so my dog can live a better life"- was a gift from a friend. Which I use to hide the plugs for the washer and dryer! Come on guys - decorate smart!

Faux Plants and Bible Verse also from Tj's, along with the wicker bins in the cabinets (shown above).

The washing instructions (black and white) I created... my husband is ALL man and somehow can't ever remember how to do laundry. So I created tip sheets to help him - framed them - so he didn't have to "act" like he uses them.... it's "DECOR"

Also - don't @ me for not having a painting of Millie up. I bought this at TJ Maxx for $12... then painting over it to make it look like Wally (adding his bowtie, changing his color, etc.). I will do one for Millie soon! This is SMART for all you less talented people! Buy "paintings" you like for cheap - then embellish it with REAL PAINT! It's truly like coloring! You just paint on top of the painting!

The rug we got at overstock - silver and metallic blend - as big as the room would fit.

We bought the dog food and water dish at TJ's - y'all - I know this is bougie... but

with the frame/stand it really helps contain messes from the dogs knocking the dishes around.

Also - always change your air grates to decorating ones... its so cheap - and it really dresses them up. They also don't hold dirt and dust as well I have found. Just do it - trust me.

But truthfully - the room just didn't look finished - until we got the tile backsplash! This took the room up a notch and I say was well worth it. We found this tile on and we LOVE it! We had to order a minimum - so it was almost $400 - but it was worth it!

There are MANY tutorials on how to DIY tile... but Harrison is a perfectionist - and this is a very visible room - so we hired someone to do this also. Make sure always to pick your grout color - it was important for us to have stark white grout!


What do you think? I'd love to see how you make your own laundry room function!

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