🩰 The Nutcracker 🐭

"Nutcracker, I do love you, but I can't stay in the Land of the Dolls forever." Well sorry for you princess... I can... because my Nutcracker is handsome as hell!

If you don't know... I wanted a giant nutcracker for YEARS... but the retail price is $1000+ for a good one! Last February I found a nutcracker on Facebook Marketplace for $150. That is right.... basically free in my book (good retail math)! However... there was a catch... it was more 6 hours away! Naturally I left that detail out when I asked Harrison to go with me to pick it up | on his 1 day off from work! I will skip the part where Harrison had to sit in a ball in the corner the whole ride home because the Nutcracker was so large, we had to lay down all the seats and his head was in the front windshield (definitely not safe). If you didn't know... Harrison really loves me. But 1000% worth it! He sits in my garage and greeted me all year long when I pulled my car inside! The second Harrison let me, he manned his post on the porch to guard the house!


1. The Front Porch

You already know about the nutcracker... so here's the details about the rest of the decor!

The rug is from the Frontgate outlet | its was meant to be... only 1 letter and it was an R! I got it for $20! They retail for $199 but they are currently 40% off on their website! This was actually in the inspiration for the rest of the porch and was the first item purchased!

The swags on the door were also a Frontgate Outlet purchase at $15 each! But you can get swags at Hobby Lobby as well! They were not lit and had 0 decorations on them - so I ordered some battery operated lights from Amazon for each one (these turn on and off at the same time each day... they are AWESOME!) Then I used 2 different ribbons from Hobby Lobby and tied a large bow at the top of each. I got cheap nutcrackers (with similar outfits, but not the same) from Old Time Pottery and hot glued them to the center! Then I added some ornaments and tree picks and Voilà!

The Garland was all purchased at Hobby Lobby and connected. This is 5 of the pre-lit garland again (same as I used on the interior). Learn from my mistakes here... only use shatterproof ornaments! But get the LARGEST ornaments you can find! Home Depot has a GREAT selection of these! The bigger the better! Again I used 3 ribbons and 1 mesh! All different widths! The more glitter and shine the better! Do NOT use fabric ribbons here. You need to select mesh ribbon that won't change colors when it rains. SHOCKER the key here again is the tree picks! The more you add - the prettier! Remember to add them in all different directions! Never all the same!

Next year: I want to find another nutcracker or a lit Christmas tree to balance out the door!


2. The Mailbox

This was a new add this year. I purchased the swag at Hobby Lobby as well as the tree picks, etc. I used 1 of the same ribbons I had left over from the Nutcracker door swags - a new polka dot one - and the same mesh from the garland!

Remember! Don't use the same ribbons everywhere or you will get yourself stuck when trying to add something the following year!

Next year: I will add the same amazon lights to the mailbox, as it gets too dark and lost after dusk! Also - I will attach the HO! HO! HO! to the garland so you can't see the strings hanging onto the mailbox!


3. The Windows

The wreaths on the window need MAJOR work. They were the only decorations we could afford year 1 in our home and haven't really been touched since! The mesh is fraying from the wind and rain, they are dark at night, and they are pretty bare! Next season - I promise I will give them some love! I plan to get more of the large outdoor ornaments from Home Depot, change out the mesh and add the lights from Amazon! That should do the trick! You'll have to check back in next year to see the upgrades!

We also have a tree in the window above the front door - it is hard to see in the first photo - so here is a photo of the tree at night when it is lit up! The tree came from Old Time Pottery and was $25 - I used only mesh and a couple of picks as we basically have to throw it up there!


I want everyone to help me hold him to it - but Harrison also promised we would outline the house roofline with Christmas Lights NEXT YEAR (2020)! The Final plan is to get it to flash with Christmas songs.... but that seems more like a 2021 project to me! Since we all know - it will be ME on the ladder clipping on the lights - it will happen next year!

Merry Christmas everyone! I'd love to see how your Christmas Decorations ended up! What would you like to add next year!

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