What do your guests do during your cocktail hour (besides drink)?

It's always a great idea to give your guests something to do or talk about during your cocktail hour if the bridal party will be taking photos! Here are some great ideas we loved for our own wedding!

"Table of Love"

Alright - so I'm not a copywriter... name is a little cheesy, but this was one of my FAVORITE things about our wedding (besides the fact that I got married to my husband of course).

We have been blessed to come from a long line of long marriages. We wanted to honor those marriages so we spent months collecting the wedding photos of everyone in Harrison and my extended family, as far back as we could go! I put small place cards in front of each photo with the names, the wedding date, and who they were to us relationally! This was such a fun process! I recommend it to everyone! Some of the wedding photos went so far back - we didn't know the date of the wedding - so we had to put "Early 1900's"!

We got all the frames from TJ Maxx - so they were all different (and beautiful if I do say so myself) We had two large frames on the table with little sayings we created to explain the contents of the table. You can purchase here.

Our Wedding is dedicated to our loving families who for generations have demonstrated that marriage and commitment is possible.

The candles on the table - were in remembrance of those that we have lost that couldn't be at the wedding (who were also featured on the table). We had a sign on the table to explain this which you can purchase here.

"Candles burn in loving memory of those who are forever present in our hearts, today and always".

We got a lot of great feedback on this table and it was a HUGE conversation piece! People were excited to find their photos, and reminisce on times at each others weddings - and a learning experience for others! It was also fun to see the wedding styles as the years moved on! This was a focal table in our reception hall, and was ALWAYS crowded with people!

Fun Guestbooks

We did a couple of different options which were fun for different people at the wedding. We set up an "activity" table for people to sit down at and write in our guestbooks!

Bible Verse Guestbook

This was extremely important to us. We used a new family Bible, engraved with our name for our niece to carry our rings down the aisle. That same Bible was set up for our guests to highlight their favorite verse and to leave us a message. Not all of our guests have a favorite verse, so this didn't capture all of our guests.

Polaroid Guestbook

This one is HILARIOUS. The first couple of pages are delightful and kind. The latter pages - as the drinks were flowing... were epic. The messages and advice were great and the photos were even better. Polaroids were taken all around our wedding and taped into the book! I highly recommend this style of guest book at your wedding! Moments were captured the photographer would have never gotten!

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